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Bis beginning story

. Mother

In 2017, driven by her commitment to her children’s education, Doaa Alasadi, a mother in the United States, embarked on a quest to ensure they mastered Arabic and connected with their cultural roots. Despite facing challenges in finding suitable language instruction, including dedicated tutors and programs, she encountered a lack of passionate educators who could inspire a love for learning Arabic.

. Teacher

And, Motivated by her steadfast commitment to her children’s education, Doaa took decisive action by becoming their educator. She meticulously designed comprehensive plans to facilitate their acquisition of Arabic, ensuring they were equipped with the necessary skills to succeed both academically and professionally.

. The birth of an idea

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, Doaa’s commitment to her children’s education grew stronger. Recognizing the transformative impact of her personalized teaching, she saw an opportunity to empower other children with linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding. She expanded her support beyond her family by hosting free events to inspire students to embrace online Arabic for academic and professional advancement.

. Transformative vision

In her efforts to share her passion for Arabic language and culture, Doaa inspires students to see language acquisition as more than just a task, but a noble mission—an investment in their future aspirations. Through her vision and perseverance, Doaa exemplifies the transformative influence of parental dedication, shaping the educational journey of future generations.

. Faith in the mission

She firmly believes that completing short daily assignments is crucial for mastering concepts and reaching the goals set for each level. Consistent practice over time yields the most significant progress.


Doaa Alasadi’s commitment to aiding students in mastering Arabic caught the attention of other parents, impressed by the notable progress in their children’s language skills. Encouraged by these results, they enlisted her guidance to support their children’s path to fluency. Now, Doaa extends her expertise to over 4000 learners annually across seventeen countries through BIS School, cultivating a global community of Arabic language.

Our mission

In the dynamic realm of 21st-century education, we embrace both challenges and opportunities for growth at BIS. Our adaptable programs cater to diverse learner needs, blending in-person and online interactions. We employ innovative teaching methods to foster an inclusive, nurturing environment where every individual is valued and empowered to succeed.


  • Three years ago, during the auspicious months of Ramadan, we had the privilege of educating over 6000 students on the fundamental pillars of Islam, the essence of Iman, fasting obligations, and Muslim duties. Throughout the summer season, we guided more than 4000 students through enriching events centered on Purity, prayer, and the spiritual significance of fasting. Additionally, I assisted over 4,926 students in memorizing the Quran and understanding its meanings.

  • We’ve had the privilege of educating over 2109 teenagers on the importance of mastering Arabic and reaching their full potential. At BIS, our primary goal is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to navigate their future with clarity and confidence.

Our Approach

Our distinctive approach, coupled with our exceptional faculty, positions BIS among the premier schools in the United States. Discover our diverse and stimulating course offerings and reach out to schedule a complimentary trial class. We proudly serve hundreds of Arabic and English-speaking students from the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and beyond.


We cordially invite northern Indiana residents to join our in-person Arabic and Islamic Courses, with the option for convenient online sessions via Zoom and offline access through recorded sessions on Google Classroom. Enroll today and begin your journey of learning one of the world’s most esteemed languages.

Management word

We want to extend a warm welcome to all our new students who have joined us this year. Your presence enriches our school community, and we are excited to embark on this journey of learning together.

Doaa Al Asadi - Bis School - Learn Arabic

Doaa Al Asadi

Head Manager

Doaa Al Asadi - Bis School - Learn Arabic

Maryam Al Asadi

Vice President