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Which Type of Student Are You?


In person weekly sessions can help your child to learn and practice and make a lot of progress in short time for long term. The sessions at the BIS center can help students to learn all the weekly goals before leaving the BIS center.

At the BIS center the student will learn from teacher and work with a classwork and take a small quiz before the session end, BIS’s teacher then will send the student with the planning homework sheets to practice at home and bring the sheets back to the BIS center for follow-up


During the virtual weekly session, students will learn the weekly plan goals and work with classwork sheets and take the quiz from home  by observe of BIS’s teacher through a videoconferencing platform. The student will get all the support and working with the teacher  to learn and ask any questions and share their feedback to reach the success of the program. Choosing BIS virtual Classes means:
Student can stay home, Parents can save time and follow from home with BIS’s teacher.
Flexibility and convenience to choose the schedule that fits with the student and parent.
Easy and same learning process and BIS program and weekly concepts.

Students at home will work at her or his own pace and review and master all concepts of the previous sessions and get ready for the quiz at the center.

BIS parents are ultimately finding their student understanding the concepts and mastering the weekly goals by practicing at home after leaving the BIS center.


BIS offering a offline learning for those can not attend in person or virtual meeting, student will receive the weekly lecture and the homework assignments and  daily homework and follow long with student to take the final test and pass the level.