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How To Start With Us

A few steps before you start your course with BIS

Step 1: Enrollment

Choose your course, and send the registration form below to attend our free orientation and the free trial. Higher-level students also need to take the PAT(PLACEMENT ARABIC TEST) We'll contact you before the semester begins to take the test if the student needs it.

Step 2: Schedule and Payment

Before the courses begin, we'll email you the day and time options. Choose the best day and time to start taking the course for online and in-person sessions and pay the tuition in 24 hours to hold your seats. Unfortunately, BIS has limited seats for each semester, first come, first serve.

Step 3: The journey will begin now

Now you can start learning and enjoy your learning with your teacher, friends, and classmates this semester. At this step, we will send you all information you need about your course, such as the class schedule, code to join your classroom, ship your books to your home, receive your library join information, link to the meeting, class calendar, lesson plan, and level goals, channel access if you need, class materials, teacher information, and more.

Step 4: Start learning

At this time, your teacher will keep an eye on your and help you with the learning process and progress and check your learning improvement and your classwork, homework, and test results from the first-day unit on the last day. The teacher will always help you and support you with learning.

Step 5: Graduation and progress

After you complete your course level and take the final exam, you have earned your graduation certificate of this level. Now you are ready to go to the next level. BIS adviser will help you with the enrollment of your next class.

BIS Options Always Match

Online, offline, and in-person courses BIS gives the students the opportunity to learn and build their confidence.

Private or small group classes at your convenience will help you learn easily and quickly—the weekly class meeting does design for your schedule. BIS offers on\off line and in-person courses starting from 3 years old.BIS can provide your child with the best future career opportunity. Our teaching technique is a mixture between the old teaching strategy of doing the work with paper and pencil and the current school’s technological learning at home. BIS knows how busy life is, and we want to ensure that the BIS student can have all the support at home at the same level at the BIS center. Therefore, each student will get access to a digital platform to practice at home with an interactive audiobook from our digital library.

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