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How It works With BIS

Here you can learn how it works to enroll in BIS courses in 2022 semesters to learn Arabic, Quran, and  Islamic courses for Summer, Fall, and  Winter.


A few steps before you start your course with BIS

 Step 1:Enrollment
 Step 2: Schedule and Payment
 Step 3: The journey will begin now
 Step 4: Start learning
 Step 5: Graduation and progress

BIS Options Always Match

Online, offline, and in-person courses BIS gives the students the opportunity to learn and build their confidence.

Private or small group classes at your convenience will help you learn easily and quickly—the weekly class meeting does design for your schedule. BIS offers on\off line and in-person courses starting from 3 years old.BIS can provide your child with the best future career opportunity. Our teaching technique is a mixture between the old teaching strategy of doing the work with paper and pencil and the current school's technological learning at home. BIS knows how busy life is, and we want to ensure that the BIS student can have all the support at home at the same level at the BIS center. Therefore, each student will get access to a digital platform to practice at home with an interactive audiobook from our digital library.