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BIS Islamic Studies Programs 

BIS Islamic Studies  Programs

The programs are from levels one to ten, and they are designed to help our students with the religion; BIS walk them through learning about Islam. The BIS program starts as early as three years old and helps the student understand Allah SW’s rules and follow the right path to being a good Muslim. The BIS program teaches the student about Allah SW, pillars of faith and Islam, Quran stories, the Islamic manners, Prophets stories, the Shariya rules, details of what is allowed and not allowed to eat, drink, and do as Muslim.

BIS has a program designed for teenagers to help them understand what to do and not do as Muslims and how to deal with different cultures, people, and religions. This program allows the teenagers to stay on the right path and strongly believe in Allah SW and his commitments. BIS Islam programs start from level one and up; with the different backgrounds of each student, BIS needs to know what the student learns to enroll them in the best level; please take the placement test to help BIS know where to start with you.
BIS Islamic program teaches students to love, accept, and respect all people with any thought and religion and not talk about differences; BIS teaches the student the preliminary and general information only.
BIS Islamic program accepts students from age three years old and up in small groups to learn, share, and make friends. The BIS Islamic program offers in-person, online, and offline sessions for ages 3 to 20+ years in Arabic and English. All the sessions will be recorded for your reference and to follow up by the parents if needed.
BIS is designed with ten levels, starting from level 1, which teaches the basics of Islam; such as pillars of Islam and faith, some characters of Allah SW, information about prophets and messengers, and manners of Islam to the highest level, which teaches the student about deeply topics in Islam.
For more information about the levels and how to choose the best class for your child or yourself, click on the register now button below.

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