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About BIS

21st-century education brings with it a mix of new challenges and promising tools. BIS offers flexible programs, in-person and on/offline weekly meetings, innovative techniques, and new methodologies. At the core of our mission lies our commitment to providing an engaging, respectful and rewarding learning environment.

Taught more than 3210 students during the blessed Ramadan months three years ago about the pillars of Islam, Iman, requirements for fasting, and Muslim duties.
Thought more than 3965 students during summer with many events such as cleansing and praying and fasting requirements. Helped more than 4926 students to memorize Quran and learn the meaning of the verses.
BIS helped parents by providing the best way to deal with the changing culture, balance many other religions, and help the students offset our beliefs and others. That is what Islam teaches us to love and respect everyone. BIS helped more than 5237 students to learn Arabic made much progress and drew a smile on their faces.
BIS helped more than 2109 teenagers understand the importance of learning Arabic and being their best version. BIS's goal is to help the students learn and have unique skills to light up their future.


This unique approach, together with our top-quality faculty, makes BIS one of the best schools in the United States. Explore our engaging and diverse course schedule and get in touch with our team to schedule a free trial class. We have the honor of teaching hundreds of students who speak Arabic and English from the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and more countries.
We are offering in person for Indiana north residents and online via Zoom and offline by recorded sessions by Google classroom platform to learn Arabic and Islamic Courses. So enroll today and start learning the worthiest language in the world in 2022.

BIS was created in 2017 by a mom who wanted her four children to learn their mother language and region.
In 2017 U.S., A mother and a teacher named Doaa Alasadi struggled with finding the best way to make her children proficiently learn Arabic. She was trying to make her children learn and develop Arabic by being proud with loving. She tried too many schools and tutors and can't find a person who passionately teaches Arabic and makes her children love to learn Arabic. Finally, she decided to be that person and teach her children Arabic and created long-term professional plans to make her children learn Arabic for all levels and make them prepared to take the Arabic placement test to earn college credits and find more offers in their future careers path.
After helping her children during Coved pandemic decided to spread her passion and give this opportunity to other children and make them also prepare for their future. So, she started hosting free events to show students how easy it is to learn Arabic, telling them to think about learning Arabic as a mission and best investing in their future goals.

She believes the short daily assignment help to master concepts and reach the goals she made for each level for a long time can make the best progress.
After she helped many students learn Arabic, other parents noticed that their children also made improvements and asked Doaa Alasadi to help them walk step by step to learn and make progress in Arabic. So now, every year, Doaa Alasadi helps more than seven hundred globally in more than 17 countries.